Meet the Author - Jack Nolan

Event date: 
Saturday, November 11, 2017 - 4:00pm
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471 Angell Street
Providence, RI 02906

Jack Nolan Event

Vietnam Remix
by Jack Nolan

Special Veterans Day in-store author event

Full of twists and surprises, this fast-moving novel follows The Greyhawk Six: The feisty Irish kid who can sing like an angel; the huge, quiet Southerner who performs complicated math in his head; the feral Cajun who learns compassion; the peace-maker turned warrior;  the rich guy from Harlem forced to be what he isn't and the earnest Catholic forced to be what he is.   Their college degrees kept them them out of combat...but in 1967-68, the US Army had other uses for them.

Caught in the zany mad-house of "civilian cover" espionage, these sons of the Greatest Generation come of age as American confidence is rattled by the Vietnam Era.  The Lone Ranger, Buddy Holly and life on quiet college campuses have ill-prepared these guys for the danger and complexity of war-time Southeast Asia, working with Vietnamese counterparts.

Their individual stories interweave, clash and occasionally even harmonize in a collage of events -- some comic, others bizarre -- as they gradually learn to cope with the incomprehensible by relying on each other.
Jack Nolan grew up in Northern Indiana, where he worked for a time, like his father and grandfather, for United States Steel, Gary Works. An undergraduate degree, cum laude, from Ball State University punched his ticket for a three-year hitch with Army Intelligence -- 1967 - 1970 -- during which he was stationed at Fort Holabird, then on civilian status in Can Tho and Saigon and at Ft. Meade, training others.  A doctorate in history from Columbia University opened the door to many happy years of teaching college-bound students at University High School, Tucson, where he taught AP American literature and AP European history. He lives with his wife, Patricia, in Providence, Rhode Island.