Flashback to 1971 - A Time Traveler's Guide: Celebrating the people, places, politics and pleasures that made 1971 a very special year. Perfect birthd (Paperback)

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Flashback to 1971 - A Time Traveler's Guide: Celebrating the people, places, politics and pleasures that made 1971 a very special year. Perfect birthd Cover Image
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- - - Also available in other years - - -Let's FLASHBACK to 1971 ─ a very special year. Was this the year you were born? Was this the year you were married?

Let's travel back in time to celebrate your year, THE YEAR 1971, with this slim 70] page book packed with fun-filled fabulous facts.

Enjoy a trip down memory lane, as you discover the people, the places, the politics, and the pleasures that made the year 1971 so special and unique, influencing the world we know today.

Imagine if time-travel was a reality, and one fine morning you wake up to find yourself flashed back in time, back to the year 1971.

What would life be like for a typical family, in a typical town, somewhere in America?

In the early 70s our cultural gaze had shifted away from London's Swinging Sixties, back to the USA. The hippie view of the world, with its emphasis on peace, love and nature....(cont.)

Now just imagine you flashed back to a town in 1971 England.

Although not all doom and gloom, the United Kingdom had found itself slipping on the world stage.... (Get the book to read more )

Expertly written by author B. Bradforsand-Tyler, a history teacher with a passion for sharing his knowledge. This slim 70+ page book makes the perfect unique and thoughtful gift for anyone born or married in the year 1971.

Celebrating the people, places, politics, and pleasures that made 1971 a very special year.

Contains just the right amount of light-hearted trivia and serious international feature-news articles.

A beautifully presented book filled with vintage photo reproductions on every page. Includes more than 20 rare vintage advertisements, many reproduced in full-page, with added enlarged text for easy reading.

Contains expertly researched and written original full-page feature articles on:

  • 1971 Family Life in the USA,
  • Life in the United Kingdom,
  • Hippies and the Rise of the Communes,
  • Our Love Affair with Automobiles,
  • Clean Air for All,
  • Greenpeace Takes to the Seas,
  • Nuclear Bomb Testing,
  • Anti-Vietnam War Sentiment,
  • Pentagon Papers Whitehouse Scandal,
  • Space Missions of 1971,
  • Troubles in Northern Ireland,
  • Death Sentence for Charles Manson,
  • Tuning in to Television,
  • Walt Disney World Opens,
  • Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway,
  • Invention of the Electronic Mail,

Plus 8 pages of fashion trends.

Also includes:

  • Sporting highlights,
  • 1971 in Cinema and Film,
  • Most Popular TV Shows,
  • Billboard Top 30 Songs,
  • Famous People Born in 1971,
  • Census Statistics and
  • Costs of Goods.

The Time-Traveler's Guide - Flashback series of books are a hit with all generations. Leave them on the coffee table for the kids to enjoy too

Product Details
ISBN: 9780645062397
ISBN-10: 0645062391
Publisher: B. Bradforsand-Tyler
Publication Date: February 22nd, 2021
Pages: 76
Language: English