The Quarantine Collection: Looking for a light, in the dark (Large Print / Paperback)

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The Quarantine Collection: Looking for a light, in the dark By T. M. Woodworth, Shannon Paul (Editor), T. M. Woodworth (Photographer) Cover Image
By T. M. Woodworth, Shannon Paul (Editor), T. M. Woodworth (Photographer)
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This is the story of a family's migration from America to Canada searching for opportunity and safety from gun violence, white nationalism, governmental corruption and online radicalization that has gripped their country. Just 15 months after they arrive, the COVID-19 pandemic hits and deepens their resolve to protect their family, their anguish in coming to terms with this new world as global politics shift as they try to raise their children in a new world full of new challenges, new darkness and new beginnings. This story captures the historical moments of the times we lived through. And, makes permanent the record of what happened.

The same people who told us, "It could never happen here" and later, "It won't be that bad" will now try to tell us, these years, "weren't that bad." That would be a lie. 2016-2020 were some of the most difficult years to be an American, to live in America and it was difficult globally, for all of humanity as authoritarianism was on the rise. For those of us living in western Democracies we felt the pain, the fear, the anxiety and the responsibility to fix it, in a palpable way. We must never forget just how bad it was. Just how closely Democracy as we know it, teetered on the edge. Just how scary and awful these times were. And what it felt like to live through Covid 19 in the year 2020.

This is the story of our history. This story attempts to capture the fear, the anger, the love, and the hope. The ways we looked for a light in the dark.

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ISBN: 9781088087510
ISBN-10: 1088087515
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: T. M. Woodworth
Publication Date: March 13th, 2023
Pages: 114
Language: English