Understanding the Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): From birth to death (Paperback)

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Understanding the Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): From birth to death Cover Image
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Muhammad Bin Abdullah is one of the most influential men who came across earth. He was a man admired and loved by his followers, and respected by his enemies for being a brilliant leader and a charismatic founder of a nation. He's the man whom without the almost two billion Muslims who exist today wouldn't have been here following this faith. He is the final prophet according to Islam and the messenger of Allah. Here, we offer you a light-hearted summary of his life, with all its stages from birth to death. We further provide all the basic incidents that occurred during his life and some of the most crucial interactions between him and others. All this in a book, no longer than 30 pages that can be read in one sitting, that, nevertheless, introduces you to the man who managed to spread Islam, the second largest religion in the world today. Inspired by the infamous book "Understanding the life of prophet Muhammad" by Al-Ghazali, this book walks you through the birth of Islam until its leader passed away and the struggles he went through to deliver his message.This is a book suitable for non-Muslims who would like to catch a glimpse into the life of this great man and gain insight into the origins of Islam. It is, also, suitable for Muslims who would like to acquire more knowledge about the life of their role model and the prophet they lovingly follow.

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ISBN: 9781093963755
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Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 14th, 2019
Pages: 68
Language: English