Weird Indiana: Your Travel Guide to Indiana's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets (Hardcover)

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Weird Indiana is here to prove that the Crossroads of America, as our state motto claims, is also the Crossroads of the Weird There's such an abundance of weirdness here that it took three authors to showcase all the odd and offbeat wonders the Hoosier State has to offer. Our authors, Mark Marimen, Jim Willis, and Troy Taylor, set off with cameras and notepads in hand, in search of Indiana's best kept secrets, local legends, bizarre beasts, and more, and they found it--in spades Sit back and enjoy a relaxing picnic in Shades of Death Park; see the light if you're lucky enough to witness those unexplained glowing spots known as Moody's Light. Find out how a town named Santa Claus became involved in one of the fiercest rivalries in the state's history. Slap on another layer of color to the world's biggest ball of paint, and no, you're not seeing things--that really is an enormous pink-spectacled elephant drinking a martini on the side of the road Get the time from an enormous leg sundial, and listen for the whistle of terror on the White Lick Creek Bridge, but whatever you do, don't answer an ad from La Porte's Black Widow. Make a person-to-person call from inside a tomb, and meet Indiana's most upright citizen, buried that way for almost two hundred years. Check out the ruins of Littleville, where 125 miniature buildings once stood--complete with a courthouse, and even a yacht club, all of eighteen inches tall. Yes, there certainly is more to Indiana than just cornfields A brand-new entry in the best-selling Weird U.S. series, Weird Indiana is packed with all that great stuff your history teacher wouldn't teach you. So join our authors on their great adventure. It's a journeyyou'll never forget.

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ISBN: 9781402754524
ISBN-10: 1402754523
Publisher: Sterling
Publication Date: May 1st, 2008
Pages: 253
Language: English
Series: Weird