Skip to the End (Paperback)

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Skip to the End (Paperback)


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In this joyful romance, one wild night results in three kisses—only one successful—and leaves a perpetually single Amy searching for her perfect match so she can find a happy ending.

Amy Daniels has a pretty nice life. Her career is on the up, she loves her friends, and she's about to buy her very own flat. On a good day, Amy could be described as a catch—so why is she perpetually single?

The trouble is, Amy can see something no one else can: the end. As soon as she kisses someone, she knows, in intimate, vivid detail, how their relationship will finish. A screaming argument in the middle of the supermarket over milk. An explicit email sent to the wrong address. A hasty escape through a bathroom window on the second date. At the altar—runaway-bride style. There seems to be no end to the unhappy endings.

After years of trying, and failing, to change a pre-written future, Amy has given up. But then she drunkenly kisses three men at her best friend's wedding and sees three possible endings: two painful, one perfect. The problem is, Amy can't really remember who she kissed, and worse, what ending belongs to which person—the only thing she knows for certain is that she's determined to find out...
Molly James writes escapist rom-com novels that can also double as travel guides to dreamy locations from Cuba to Capri and Costa Rica. A former magazine journalist who has interviewed George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez, and Will Smith, Molly is now a canine columnist living in magical Rhode Island where she is hoping to meet a man with a six pack of dogs.
Product Details ISBN: 9781538739273
ISBN-10: 1538739275
Publisher: Forever
Publication Date: August 15th, 2023
Pages: 384
Language: English