Journal of the American Revolution 2021: Annual Volume (Hardcover)

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The Year’s Best Articles from the Leading On-Line Source of New Research on the Revolution and Founding Eras
The Journal of the American Revolution, Annual Volume 2021, presents the journal’s best historical research and writing over the past calendar year. The volume is designed for institutions, scholars, and enthusiasts to provide a convenient overview of the latest research and scholarship in American Revolution and Founding Era studies. The thirty-four articles in the 2021 edition include: 
Alexander Hamilton’s Missing Years: New Discoveries and Insights into the Little Lion’s Caribbean Childhood by Ruud Stelten and Alexandre Hinton
The Lenape Origins of an Independent America: The Catalyst of Pontiac’s War, 1763–1765 by Kevin A. Conn
Impeachment: The Framers Debate and Discuss by Ray Raphael
The First Efforts to Limit the African Slave Trade by Christian M. McBurney
What Killed Prisoners of War?—A Medical Investigation by Brian Patrick O'Malley
The Mysterious March of Horatio Gates by Andrew Waters
Minorcans, New Smyrna, and the American Revolution in East Florida by George Kotlik
Stony Point: The Second Occupation, July–October 1779 by Michael J. F. Sheehan
A Demographic View of North Carolina Militia and State Troops, 1775–1783 by Douglas R. Dorney, Jr.
The Revolutionary War Origin of the Whistleblower Law by Louis Arthur Norton
Mapping the Battle of Eutaw Springs: Modern GIS Solves a Historic Mystery by Stephen John Katzberg

About the Author

DON N. HAGIST is managing editor of the Journal of the American Revolution. An expert on the British army in the American Revolution, he is the author of many books and articles, including Noble Volunteers: The British Soldiers Who Fought the American Revolution (Westholme 2020), The Revolution’s Last Men: The Stories Behind the Photographs (Westholme 2015), and British Soldiers, American War: Voices of the American Revolution (Westholme 2012).  

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Publisher: Westholme Publishing
Publication Date: May 14th, 2021
Pages: 400
Language: English