The Jinn Daughter (Hoopoe Fiction) (Paperback)

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The Jinn Daughter (Hoopoe Fiction) (Paperback)


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Staff Reviews

"The teenage years are fraught times, but when your mother is a Jinn that helps souls make their final journey into death, life becomes harder as you come of age.  The mother, Nadine, is trying to protect her daughter, Layala, as she tries to break free and make her own decisions.  But, Layala doesn’t know the secret her mother is keeping from her.  When Death comes to claim her,  they are both tested.  This story portrays the eternal struggle between protection and independence, but is there truly free will, or is it all up to fate?"--Reviewed by Percy

A stunning debut novel and an impressive feat of storytelling that pulls together mythology, magic, and ancient legend in the gripping story of a mother's struggle to save her only daughter

Nadine is a jinn tasked with one job: telling the stories of the dead. She rises every morning to gather pomegranate seeds--the souls of the dead--that have fallen during the night. With her daughter Layala at her side, she eats the seeds and tells their stories. Only then can the departed pass through the final gate of death.

But when the seeds stop falling, Nadine knows something is terribly wrong. All her worst fears are confirmed when she is visited by Kamuna, Death herself and ruler of the underworld, who reveals her desire for someone to replace her: it is Layala she wants.

Nadine will do whatever it takes to keep her daughter safe, but Kamuna has little patience and a ruthless drive to get what she has come for. Layala's fate, meanwhile, hangs in the balance.

Rooted in Middle Eastern mythology, Rania Hanna deftly weaves subtle, yet breathtaking, magic through this vivid and compelling story that has at its heart the universal human desire to, somehow, outmaneuver death.
Rania Hanna is a Syrian-American writer and researcher. She is a neuroscience doctoral student at George Mason University. The Jinn Daughter is her debut novel. She lives in Northern Virginia.
Product Details ISBN: 9781649033635
ISBN-10: 164903363X
Publisher: Hoopoe
Publication Date: April 16th, 2024
Pages: 274
Language: English
Series: Hoopoe Fiction