Pam Gems Plays 7 (Paperback)

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Volume seven of a series of plays written by Pam Gems. The Odd Women, The Amiable Courtship of Miz Venus and Wild Bill, Darling Boy, Cedric and Louise and My Warren.

The Odd Women - a play for the screen by Pam Gems adapted from the novel by George Gissing.

THE AMIABLE COURTSHIP OF MIZ VENUS AND WILD BILL was first presented by Inter-Action and The Women's Theatre Group, at the Almost-Free Theatre, 9, Rupert Street, London W.1, on the 10th of April, 1974. Sometime in the early seventies, I was approached by Ed Berman, artistic director of the Almost-Free Theatre in Rupert Street, W1, to write 'two sexy pieces' for his Fun-Art Bus. The idea was to tour trendy Camden, with performances on the top deck.

Darling Boy - by Pam Gems from the novel 'Ch ri' by Colette - The play takes place in Paris in the private apartments of the hotel belonging to Cl a de Lonval, and in the grounds and conservatory of L'Hotel Peloux, owned by Cl a's contemporary, Charlotte Peloux. The time, the Twenties.

CEDRIC & LOUISE was Pam Gems's last full-length play. She wrote it in 2010, when she was eighty-five. Printed here is the second draft, which may be unfinished as she never did less than six drafts of anything. She liked to say: "A play isn't written, it's rewritten and rewritten and rewritten and rewritten."

MY WARREN was first presented on the 5th of March, 1973, by Inter-Action and the Women's Theatre Group at the Almost Free Theatre, starring JANET HENFREY, and directed by SUE PARRISH.

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