The Feel Good Home: A Practical Guide to Conscious Living (Hardcover)

The Feel Good Home: A Practical Guide to Conscious Living By Marion Hellweg Cover Image

The Feel Good Home: A Practical Guide to Conscious Living (Hardcover)


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This endlessly informative and inspiring guide to interior design shows how sensory perception is the key to creating a happy place inside your own home.

What do you see, hear, and smell when you walk in your front door? Do you feel safe and relaxed? Is it too warm or too cold? As people spend increasing amounts of time in their homes, it’s more important than ever to feel at peace there.

Achieving that feeling of comfort can mean different things for different people but, as interior design expert Marion Hellweg shows us, there are basic principles of home design that work for every style of life and architecture.

Gorgeously designed and presented, this book first explains how our sensory perception affects us and influences our wellbeing. It then follows up with lavishly illustrated sections that explore a variety of ways to optimize our sensory perceptions throughout our homes: the language of color and form; the influence of natural and artificial light; the basics of room layout; haptics and acoustics; incorporating plants and nature; optimal sleeping conditions; the importance of a healthy kitchen; common spaces and privacy; ergonomics and furniture design. There are interviews with a wide range of experts who offer deeper insights into each subject; there are links to sources; and countless practical tips and advice.

Filled with visual ideas from contemporary living spaces across the world, this book shows how stimulating the senses in the right way will help make our homes as comfortable as they can be.
MARION HELLWEG is an interior design expert based in Munich, Germany. She is editor-in-chief of interior and lifestyle magazine “Living & More” and author of many successful books about interior design, architecture, travel, and lifestyle, including Tiny Homes (published by Prestel).
Product Details ISBN: 9783791389370
ISBN-10: 3791389378
Publisher: Prestel
Publication Date: September 5th, 2023
Pages: 224
Language: English