STICKER PUZZLES for Creative Kids; ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND: 10 puzzles that empower kids to be curious STEAM learners (Paperback)

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STICKER PUZZLES for Creative Kids; ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND: 10 puzzles that empower kids to be curious STEAM learners By Gakken early childhood experts Cover Image
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Enjoy sticker puzzles while having treasure hunt adventures


46 pages include 10 puzzles, and 11 sheets of stickers

Sticker activities to nurture the brain
Children will delight in this sticker version of jigsaw puzzles that they can play anytime, anywhere. Starting from number 1, find the right stickers and attach them to the puzzle page. This is a fun way for children to train their brains while creating pictures with stickers and using their imagination.

Children can develop a variety of skills through these sticker puzzles.
·Imagination to guess what kind of puzzle will be completed

·Color awareness to sense the gradual change

·Spatial awareness to predict stickers based on the size and shape of the frame

·Concentration and fine motor skills to place the stickers in the right spot

·Perseverance to work until the end without giving up

Enjoy the sense of achievement when you finish.


A fun exploration story
Emma and Ben are explorers on an exciting adventure gathering objects for their new collection. Their camera is extraordinary—when they take a photo of an interesting item, it turns into a small object. As they continue their journey, eating delicious apples and cakes and playing with pandas and elephants, they eventually find themselves in outer space...

Join them on their journey and help them collect special objects to add to their secret hideout.


From the supervisor, Kenichiro Mogi 
This book contains various puzzles to nurture the brains of curious children. Understanding that various parts can be put together to form a whole promotes “system thinking” which is indispensable in fields such as artificial intelligence and programming. System thinking is a way of thinking that involves taking a step back, looking at things objectively, discussing them, and creating solutions to the various problems we face. In other words, by developing creativity and concentration through sticker play, children can acquire the thinking to choose the most appropriate means and methods to achieve their goals, which is the best foundation for STEAM.

About the Author

Gakken is the number 1 educational publisher in Japan. Founded in 1946 by Hideto Furuoka, the mission of Gakken has always been to produce fun-first, educational materials for children.

Gakken is well-known to Asian families for its bestselling workbooks. Gakken is also well-respected in academic circles - publishing popular teaching materials for preschools, kindergartens, and primary schools. In addition to its substantial publishing business, Gakken also runs 14,000 learning centers called “Gakken Classrooms” and operates nursery schools - all inspired by the successful formula used in their workbooks.

Product Details
ISBN: 9784056212303
ISBN-10: 4056212309
Publisher: Gakken
Publication Date: August 30th, 2022
Pages: 46
Language: English