Vox (Paperback)

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"If you enjoyed The Handmaid’s Tale, Vox should be next on your reading list. This novel is about gender, language, and family dynamics. This novel is infuriating and makes me want to scream. This book shows what limiting one’s speech can do to a woman, and how far she’ll go to be free herself from oppression and save the people she loves. Our protagonist, Jean, is a neurologist, a mother of four children, and a wife. She’s a strong protagonist, save for the fact that she’s limited to 100 words a day. In her world, a year has gone by where the government takes control of the female gender’s speech and makes changes that set women’s movements back decades. Women’s movements were not enough. Marches, protests, all the things we see today, end up not being enough to make change happen—and the government takes notice. Vox is a story about an infuriating society that limits the female gender to 100 words of speech a day, with physical pain as punishment for using more than 100 words. The author, Christina Dalcher, studied linguistics prior to writing the novel, so there is a fluid connection between society and language, and how it renders some weak and makes others so strong—and how it shapes generations. This book makes you think about your own words, well after you put the book down."

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— Sallie

September 2018 Indie Next List

“This ambitious debut scared me so much that I began reading it in very small portions. In Dalcher’s version of the future, women have lost all of their rights and are limited (via electronic handcuffs) to speaking only 100 words per day. Their entire purview has been relegated to the home and family, where even girl children may not speak more than 100 words per day. Women cannot work, female representation in government has dropped precipitously over the years, and the bible belt has become a bible corset as men have reclaimed their masculinity through dominance of women in all areas. Even while we are currently consumed with the unthinkable changes in the current political environment .. this book reminds us to keep our eyes open and our voices heard.”
— Terry Gilman, Creating Conversations, Redondo Beach, CA

Product Details
ISBN: 9791196914806
Publisher: Dasan Chakbang
Publication Date: February 20th, 2020
Language: Korean