Byrdie's Songs: A Collection of Poetry (Paperback)

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Byrdie's Songs: A Collection of Poetry

By: Kenya Wilcox

It was beginning of her fourteenth fall. A young teenage girl experienced puppy love for the very first time. Conversations on the phone with little boy would last for hours, asking twenty-one questions, telling jokes, and debating on who would hang up first. Dreams of them being together forever was in arm's reach... until he dumped her three years later for the easy girl in school. Through silent tears, that teenage girl began to write. For every life situation, poetry was the gateway into another dimension. The more she matured, the more she traveled into different worlds of wonder and majesty. Each trip painted feelings of love, intimacy, rage, self-reflection, and imagination in distinctive hue. This collection of poetry is the blueprint for every girl and every boy who have experiences and highs and lows of life. With every life lesson, poetry not only paints the picture, but it heightened use senses with every word on the page.

About the Author

Kenya Wilcox is an up-and-coming poet and mother of a peculiarly brilliant toddler. She is native of Birmingham, Alabama. Wilcox obtained her bachelor's degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham as well as her master's degree at the University of Southern California in social work with a concentration in mental health. She now practices as a licensed social worker. During her collegiate years, Wilcox became a member of the Eta Beta chapter of Phi Alpha Honor Society of Social Work. For her, there is nothing more important than being a phenomenal woman and mother as she values this role daily. Her importance of love, spirituality, self-reflection, and having a vivid imagination is what inspired her to write this book of poetry.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798885279154
Publisher: Rosedog Books
Publication Date: May 26th, 2022
Pages: 82
Language: English