Books on the Square and COVID-19

Closed Monday, February 6th for our Annual Inventory.

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--Open 11AM to 5PM on Sunday  
**Order online any time.

Update as of 2/14/22: All guests are required to wear a mask regardless of their vaccination status.  Let's protect our unvaccinated children and continue to keep each other safe.  Thank you!

Update as of 12/20/21: Per Gov. McKee's Mandate: All guests are required to wear a mask regardless of their vaccination status.  If you forget your mask, you must provide proof of vaccination.  Thank you!

We are not having any events or book clubs in the bookstore at this time.

Operational Plan during Coronavirus Crisis

To address concerns raised by the coronavirus pandemic, Books on the Square will be making changes in its operations effective Saturday, March 21.  The objective underlying these changes is to continue to provide learning and entertainment materials to our customers without a significant increase in health risk for our customers and our staff.   To reduce the health risk raised by the coronavirus, as well as by the flu, we will reduce the likelihood of infection by the primary source of transmission through droplets resulting from sneezing and coughing, as well as by the secondary source of transmission through contact with surfaces that have been contaminated by the  COVID-19 virus.  The primary source of transmission will be blocked by “social distancing” (now, often referred to by the more apt name: “physical distancing”) to maintain a six-foot distance between buyer and seller.  We will also reduce the total occupancy of the first floor to 10 to maintain recommended physical distancing between customers.  The secondary source of transmission will be blocked by disinfecting furniture, counter tops, and books that have been handled by customers but not purchased. Our staff has also been trained on proper hand washing and sanitizing procedures. Our kids’ story times and our book clubs  have been cancelled until further notice.  Changes to enable these general principles to be carried out are described below.  The success of this overall plan will be made possible by a committed and trained staff that is attentive to health concerns and dedicated to providing resources for reading and play.

Operational Changes as of Wednesday, July 1, 2020

--Our Hours are 10:00 am ‒ 5:00pm, Monday to Saturday.
--Maximum occupancy on first floor will be set at 10.
--Shields have been put up at the registers to protect both our customers and our employees.
--Wear cloth face masks in the bookstore and stay at least 6 feet away from others.
--Children should stay with their parents/guardians at all times.
--Try to limit touching, or wear the gloves provided by the bookstore.
--To eliminate possible secondary transmission from customer to customer, books that have been handled by a customer ‒ but not purchased ‒ should be placed on one of several tables throughout the store labeled:  DISINFECT AND RE-SHELVE

--Books can be ordered by phone at (401) 331-9097 or on our website.
--These books can be picked up in the parking lot at the back door, or mailed to the customer’s home.
--Free home delivery, within a 2-mile radius, is available on Tuesdays and Fridays.
--Audiobooks are also available through our site

Revision will be posted as experience and changing circumstances dictate.  
Thank you for your understanding and support as we work through these times together.

Letter to the Community:

With the health and safety of our staff and community members in mind, Books on the Square wishes to inform our community of our commitment to taking proactive measures regarding COVID-19.

Our mission as an independent bookstore is multifold, including being a space our community can count on to be open, accessible, welcoming and safe. As the COVID-19 crisis develops, we have implemented procedures in the store to sanitize frequently used objects and surfaces and make tissues and hand sanitizer available to our customers and staff.

We strongly encourage everyone to follow CDC guidelines: stay home and away from others when sick, wash hands often, cover coughs and sneezes, cough into your elbow and not your hands, avoid touching your face, and stay informed. We feel that no employee needs to take a risk to make a paycheck, so we have implemented a policy that if any staff member does not feel well, they will stay at home without worrying about financial repercussions. We are all practicing social distancing when possible.

If you are concerned about coming into the bookstore, we are happy to announce parking lot pickup. Simply call and pay for a book over the phone, pull into the parking lot out back and call us to say you are here. We’ll run out with your book order.

Our online ordering is also available at When you order online, you can choose 'pickup at store' and put 'parking lot pickup' in the comments.

Until further notice, all events and Story Times have been canceled.  Please check back to see when events will restart.

Please stay safe and healthy, and we’ll be in touch with continued updates. Keep an eye on our bookstore page (, our Facebook page ( , Instagram page (@books_on_the_square), and our email newsletter for continued updates.  Sign up for our newsletter here.

Jennifer Kandarian, Store Manager
Merc and Rod Clifton, Store Owners