Meet the Author - Leigh Brown & Victoria Corliss

Event date: 
Saturday, May 18, 2019 - 7:00pm
Event address: 
471 Angell Street
Providence, RI 02906

Leigh Brown & Victoria Corliss Event

The Pendulum's Truth
by Leigh Brown & Victoria Corliss

Everything happens for a reason. At least that’s what co-authors Leigh Brown and Victoria Corliss believe; so much so that they have made it the premise of their new novel, The Pendulum’s Truth.

“We were so excited to write The Pendulum’s Truth,” said Corliss, “and tell the story of Ava Dell, our protagonist, with a twist.” Like many people, Ava firmly believes that everything happens for a reason; but unlike her friends and family, she also believes she knows why they happen. She happily shares her insights with the people she loves providing them guidance and affirmations until the day her awareness fails her. When tragedy results, Ava suddenly finds herself in a moral and emotional dilemma.   

“Studies show that readers of fiction are highly empathetic,” Brown explained. “With The Pendulum’s Truth, we hope readers will experience an array of emotions and be entertained, too.”

The Pendulum’s Truth is the third addition to the Brown Corliss Books library which also includes earlier titles, Second Chances and The Pie Sisters.

Friends Leigh Brown and Victoria Corliss became co-authors in 2009. Active speakers and book event participants, they are often asked: 1) Are they sisters? and 2) How do they write books together? They are sisters in spirit only; sisters of the heart as they like to say. To learn how their collaboration works, visit their website at, and follow them on Facebook at