Meet the Author - Loren Goodman

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Event date: 
Wednesday, February 26, 2020 - 7:00pm
Event address: 
471 Angell Street
Providence, RI 02906

Loren Goodman Event

Non-Existent Facts
by Loren Goodman

As Elaine Equi writes: We once lived in a world of “just the facts” and have now transitioned into a time of “alternative facts.” But Loren Goodman’s new book announces the next era – that of Non-Existent Facts. He shows in a witty way the vast amount of fantasy that makes up history itself – and how non-facts sharing untruth in common become joyously interchangeable as eras collapse into each other. “Sir Mix-a-lot” hangs out with “Queen Arthur” and “King Guinevere.”

And “You know the legend of King Midas: everything he touched turned to mufflers.”