Gordon School Book Fair 2020

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Online November 23rd to December 14th

In-store December 11th, 12th & 13th
--Make sure to mention "Gordon School Book Fair" at the register.

--Shop any of our books and merchandise, including books by featured authors and on the Gordon-curated lists below.

--20% of sales will go to the Gordon Community Association.  

Please Note: In order for your purchase to be counted toward the Book Fair, check the box 'Gordon School Book Fair' at checkout.
--If you are shipping an online order, please order by 11/30/2020 to ensure delivery for Christmas.

Featured Authors

Featured Author Grace Lin
Grace Lin

Gabby Rivera Cecil Castellucci Kat Leyh
Gabby Rivera Cecil Castellucci Kat Leyh

Featured Editors/Authors of No Voice Too Small
The Editors of No Voice Too Small
--Jeanette Bradley, Keila V. Dawson & Lindsay H. Metcalf

Orion Razat   David Badre
Orion Razat   David Badre

Shop Gordon-Curated Lists:

Books by Visiting Authors Battle of the Books 2021
Picture Books STEM/STEAM
Spanish & Spanish/English Libros Middle School - Gr 5-8
Early Readers - Gr 1-2 Young Adult & YA Crossover
Middle Grade Readers - Gr 3-5 Gator Pride