Providence Raptors: Documenting the Lives of Urban Birds of Prey

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A Decade of Photographs and Stories by Peter Green

"As striking as the photographs are in the new book 'Providence Raptors: Documenting the Lives of Urban Birds of Prey,' the accompanying stories are just as interesting." - ecoRI News

IT’S A BIRD-EAT-BIRD WORLD. Follow wildlife photographer Peter Green as he documents the Peregrine Falcons, Red-tailed Hawks, American Kestrels, and other raptor species that live and thrive in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. This book is a collection of photographs and stories that reveal how stealthy birds of prey live in the city, and provides tips you can follow to help urban raptors survive. 

110 pages, 200 photographs, 8" x 8.5" soft cover.

SKU: 9780578716237
Price: $29.95