Schools and Libraries

Closed Monday, May 29th for Memorial Day.

Monday to Thursday 10AM to 7PM--Friday & Saturday 10AM to 8PM
--Sunday: 10AM to 6PM **Order online anytime**

If you are a teacher, librarian, or homeschooler for students in preschool through 12th grade, you are eligible for the Classroom Discount. The 20% discount will be applied to the list price of books purchased for use in the classroom or for classroom preparation.
--This discount may not be combined with other coupons, discounts, or in-store promotions and applies to the retail price only.
--For online purchases, write 'For Classroom' and name of school in comments box.  We will take the discount off when we process your order.
--Gift certificates and shipping fees are excluded.


We are now offering Virtual Book Fairs.  To see a sample, click here.

Schedule Books on the Square for your book fair! We offer fundraising opportunities and book discount options to the children of our community, through a varied selection of services, including:
    •        20% of all sales are given back to the school
    •        Pre-order of books in selected subjects or areas of interest
    •        Flexible duration (one evening to a full week)
    •        Teacher requests/librarian suggests accommodated
    •        Large selection of books for all grade levels
    •        All book and gift items available for school discount
    •        Discount on classroom books (non-textbooks)

We make every effort to continually stock books for school and summer reading lists. You may call ahead to make sure we have the stock and, if not, we are able to have copies in-store within a few business days.

Books on the Square believes that your privacy is of the utmost importance. We do not profile you by asking your age, income, or other personal information. We ask for billing and shipping information if you place an order, and that information is stored completely offline where it is completely secure from intrusion. We never sell your name to anyone.