Used Book Program

We are not a used bookstore, but we offer a selection of used books with a fair buyback program for store credit. We ask that participants follow the policies outlined below. You may also download the PDF for a handy guide. Thank you!


We sell used books at 50% of the original price in the store. When you sell your books to us, you will receive 1/8th of the original price in store credit. 

For example, a $40.00 hardcover book will sell for $20.00 as used. You receive $5.00 in store credit. 



We do not accept used books between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. When you drop your books off to us, please allow us up to 3 business days to evaluate your books and process your store credit. 



Please do not drop off more than the equivalent of 2 bags or boxes. You can make as many drop-offs as you like. 



Books must be like new or in mint condition. This means NO yellowing, mold, water damage, or stains.



We are interested in books that have been published within the last 2 to 3 years to offer our customers newer titles that we currently sell.



Please do not sell us books with stickers or leftover adhesive clearly marked for sale by other retailers.



We do NOT accept:

  • Former library books stamped for library use or books bound for libraries.
  • Rare books and have no expertise in the antiquarian trade.
  • Subscription box editions of titles like Book of the Month Club, OwlCrate, the Bookish Box, etc.
  • Textbooks, manuals, or restaurant guides.

Other options with us include donating your books to our $1 bin for literacy-based charities if you're just looking to clean your bookshelves. Otherwise, we recommend contacting libraries looking for donations or reaching out to local or online used bookstores. Some favorites are: